Szybki start Black And Decker Price Pfister 16 Series

The Black and Decker Price Pfister 16 Series is an advanced power tool designed for home improvement and renovation projects. With its powerful motor and multiple speed settings, it can easily handle a variety of tasks such as drilling, cutting, and sanding. It also features a variable speed trigger for easy, precise control. Additionally, it comes with an LED work light for working in low-light conditions, and a dust extraction system for keeping your work area clean. With its lightweight design, the Black and Decker Price Pfister 16 Series is easy to maneuver and can be taken from one job site to the next. It's the perfect tool for any DIY enthusiast looking to get a job done quickly and efficiently.

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3, 0 z 5 gwiazdekCheap and useful but poor QC

Opinia napisana w Wielkiej Brytanii dnia 19 stycznia 2020

I've had 3 of these now ordered in short succession and they all had the same issues. The jaws don't meet flat (only at the top edge) however its less pronounced with the rubber grips on. Still usable. One half of the vice is a fraction lower than the other and the jaws don't sit vertically where they are attached, hence the issue. On one, the jaws only met on one corner, so 3 out of 4 corners weren't touching!! Appalling. Mechanism is a bit awkward, needs lube but effective and vice grip is strong af. Good enough for my purposes, cutting bolts and screws etc. Hard to get the attachment clamps in, you need to feed in one end then bend it to get the other one in and really push it in. It won't just slot in as you'd expect. The main rail shows varying degrees of corrosion out of the box (it's not actually enclosed in a box lol), one was particularly bad. But you expect issues at this price point. Buyers are saying their jaws meet flat but I'm sceptical, maybe an earlier batch was better or maybe they aren't paying attention or removing the rubber jaw covers, I don't know. Be prepared to send it back!

4, 0 z 5 gwiazdekOK for what it is!

Opinia napisana w Wielkiej Brytanii dnia 27 grudnia 2021

I am a massive fan of the Stanley brand, mainly older (vintage) tools though that I bought in my early teens, the later products, especially planes and chisels leave a lot to be desired in most cases though but there are still a few tools that are quite good... unfortunately this isn't one of them!

The quality of the product isn't good, the vice jaws don't align properly for starters.
It is an OK vice though for those quick jobs that are impossible to do by just holding with your hands but this vice is no replacement for a proper strong metal vice, but to be fair it doesn't claim that.

So used for those simple jobs it is good enough, but please do realise and respect its limitations.
I losses the one star for poor quality build really, otherwise it is good for what is it and what it costs.

3, 0 z 5 gwiazdekAn ok general purpose vice for the money

Opinia napisana w Wielkiej Brytanii dnia 3 października 2020

I bought this vice to have a go at knife making because of the quick close and release. It also came with a set of soft jaw covers to clamp wood and metal directly without marking the material.
Generally I would say I’m happy with the vice but there are two things that annoy me. The first is that the handle at the top to close the vice stays in the up position. This means that it often gets in the way when using long files and I also end up banging my hand a lot on it. I have ended up attaching an elastic band under the vice which I can put over the lever to hold it down out of the way.
The second annoying thing is that to release the vice you have to pull up on the handle whilst sliding the jaw back. This generally is fiddly and annoying and often requires the use of both hands. This can mean dropping the work piece out of the clamp if you aren’t careful.

5, 0 z 5 gwiazdekGrippingly useful for the right jobs.

Opinia napisana w Wielkiej Brytanii dnia 11 maja 2020

I wanted this to mount on my workbench to hold my chainsaw and mower blades when sharpening them. I have to say that I am impressed, it attaches easily (you may need to pack it out if the surface that you are mounting it to is thin) and holds the workpiece in place securely. This is not for cutting 4M lengths of 6x2 but it does a great job if used appropriately. I found that the jaws closed evenly and with enough pressure to hold my mower blades whilst manually filing them, they did not slip at all. Backing the jaws off again takes a little bit of effort but is easy enough once you get used to it. Really handy little gadget to have in the garage, I am sure that I am going to find many uses for it.

2, 0 z 5 gwiazdekJaws misaligned

Opinia napisana w Wielkiej Brytanii dnia 8 lipca 2020

I ordered this vice, having seen other reviews that mentioned the problem of the jaws being misaligned, but thought it might be an occasional problem. However, sure enough, when it arrived the example I received had the issue. I thought I'd try again, so returned for a replacement, but the second one also had the exact same problem so clearly this is a common fault. A shame, as otherwise it looks a good product.

Szybki start Black And Decker Price Pfister 16 Series

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