Szybkie instrukcje Hitachi Lu43v809

Hitachi Lu43v809 to szybka instrukcja, która została stworzona przez firmę Hitachi. Instrukcja zawiera wszystkie informacje potrzebne do zainstalowania, skonfigurowania i poprawnego użytkowania telewizora. Instrukcja zawiera również informacje dotyczące dostępnych funkcji, które można wykorzystać w telewizorze, w tym dostęp do aplikacji, a także szczegółowe instrukcje dotyczące korzystania z niektórych funkcji. Instrukcja jest przejrzysta i łatwa do zrozumienia, a dzięki temu jest bardzo przydatna w konfigurowaniu i użytkowaniu telewizora.

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User's Manual - Operating Guide
Thank you for purchasing this projector.
WARNING Before using, read the "User's Manual - Safety Guide" and
these manuals to ensure correct usage through understanding. After reading,
store them in a safe place for future reference.
• The information in this manual is subject to change without notice.
• The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual.
• T

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Contents Projector Features 3 Multifunctional Settings 22 Preparation 3 Using The Menu Functions 22 Part Names 4 MAIN Menu 23 The Projector 4 PICTURE-1 Menu 24 Fastening The Lens Cap 4 PICTURE-2 Menu 26 The Remote Control 6 INPUT Menu 27 Setting Up 7 AUTO Menu 29 Arrangement 7 SCREEN Menu 30 Adjusting The Projector’s OPTION Menu 31 Elevator 8 Lamp 32 Connecting Your Devices 9 Replacing The Lamp 33 Connecting Power Supply 11 Ai
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Projector Features This multimedia projector is used to project various computer signals as well as NTSC / PAL / SECAM video signals onto a screen. Little space is required for installation and large images can easily be realized. Ultra High Brightness  Crisp, ultra-bright presentations is achieved by using a UHB (ultra high brightness) lamp and a highly efficient optical system. Whisper Mode Equipped  Special mode is available for reducing projector noise to achieve quieter operation. User Me
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Part Names Indicates the corresponding The Projector reference page Zoom ring Air filter cover Focus ring (An air filter is inside. ) Lens (The picture is Remote sensor projected from here. ) Elevator button Elevator feet Lens cap Projector (Front/Right) Fastening The Lens Cap To avoid losing, please fasten the lens cap to the projector using the strap. Fix the strap to the strap ring of lens Lens cap Strap ring Strap 1 cap, as the right drawing. Pull Put one piece of the strap into the 2
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Part Names (continued) The Projector (continued) INPUT button POWER indicator TEMP indicator toggles between the signal tells the state of power lights or blinks when any ports. supply. Refer to the section problem about internal RGB VIDEO “Power ON/OFF”. temperature has happened. S-VIDEO LAMP indicator COMPONENT VIDEO lights or blinks when any TEMP STANDBY/ON problem about the lamp has POWER LAMP button happened. prepares for turning the power on/off. Refer to the STANDBY/ON INPUT MENU sec
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Part Names (continued) The Remote Control SEARCH button RGB button (STANDBY/ON) searches for an input selects the input signal of button signal between the RGB port. prepares for turning the following signal ports of power on/off. VIDEO button RGB, VIDEO, S-VIDEO toggles between the signal and COMPONENT VIDEO. AUTO button ports of VIDEO, S-VIDEO executes automatic and COMPONENT VIDEO. adjustment. ASPECT button BLANK button toggles between the blanks the screen modes for aspect ratio. temporari
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Setting Up Arrangement WARNING • Install the projector in a suitable environment according to instructions of the “User’s Manual – Safety Guide” and this manual. • The power outlet should be close to the projector and easily accessible. Refer to the illustrations and tables below to determine the screen size and projection distance. The values shown in the table are calculated for a full size screen:800 600 (a):Distance from the projector to the screen (±10%) (b):Distance from the lens center t
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Setting Up (continued) Adjusting The Projector's Elevator CAUTION • If you press the elevator buttons without holding the projector, the projector might crash down, overturn, smash your fingers and possibly result in malfunction. To prevent damaging the projector and injuring yourself, ALWAYS HOLD THE PROJECTOR whenever using the elevator buttons to adjust the elevator feet. You can use the elevator feet to make adjustments if the surface on which you need to set the projector is uneven or if yo
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Setting Up (continued) Connecting Your Devices WARNING • Incorrect connecting could result in fire or electrical shock. Whenever attempting to connect other devices to the projector, please thoroughly read the "User's Manual - Safety Guide", this manual and the manual of each device to be connected. CAUTION • TURN OFF ALL DEVICES prior to connecting them to the projector. Attempting to connect a live device to the projector may generate extremely loud noises or other abnormalities that may resul
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Setting Up (continued) Please refer to the following for connecting your devices. See the rear of the projector. You can see the ports. Connecting to a computer VIDEO L-AUDIO-R RGB out RGB cable (D-sub 15 pin) AUDIO RGB CONTROL S-VIDEO Audio out Audio cable (Stereo mini) Y CB/PB CR/PR COMPONENT VIDEO RS-232C port RS-232C cable Connecting to a DVD/VCR player VIDEO L-AUDIO-R Video out AUDIO RGB CONTROL S-VIDEO Audio out (L)
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Setting Up (continued) Connecting Power Supply WARNING • Please use extra caution when connecting the power cord as incorrect or faulty connections may result in FIRE and/or ELECTRICAL SHOCK. Please adhere to the “User’s manual – Safety Guide” and the following. • Only plug the power cord into outlets rated for use with the power cord’s specified voltage range. • Only use the power cord that came with the projector. If it is damaged, contact your dealer to newly get correct one. • Never modify
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Remote Control Putting Batteries CAUTION Always handle the batteries with care and use them only as directed. Improper use may result in battery cracking or leakage, which could result in fire, injury and/or pollution of the surrounding environment. • Keep the battery away from children and pets. • Be sure to use only the batteries specified for use with the remote control. Do not mix new batteries with used ones. • When inserting batteries, verify that the plus and minus terminals are aligned c
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Remote Control (continued) Operating The Remote Control ATTENTION • Do not drop or otherwise expose the remote control to physical impact. • Do not get the remote control wet or place it on wet objects. Doing so may result in malfunction. • Remove the batteries from the remote control and store them in a safe place if you won’t be using the remote control for an extended period. • Replace the batteries whenever the remote control starts to malfunction. • When strong lights, such as direct sunlig
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Power ON/OFF Turning On The Power WARNING • When the power is ON, a strong light is emitted. Do not look into the lens or vents of the projector. NOTE • Turn the power on/off in right order. Please power on the projector before the connected devices. Power off the projector after the connected devices. Make sure that the power cord is POWER indicator 1 firmly and correctly connected to the TEMP POWER LAMP projector and outlet. STANDBY/ON INPUT MENU When the lens cap is attached, remove 2 the len
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Power ON/OFF (continued) TEMP Selecting An Input Signal POWER LAMP STANDBY/ON INPUT MENU Using the projector’s control button 1 Press the INPUT button. INPUT button As illustrated below, each time you press the INPUT button, the projector switches between its input signal ports. Select the signal you wish to project. RGB VIDEO S-VIDEO COMPONENT VIDEO Selecting a RGB signal, using the remote control RGB button Press the RGB button. VIDEO RGB SEARCH When this button
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Power ON/OFF (continued) Turning Off The Power NOTE • Turn the power on/off in right order. Press the STANDBY/ON button of the 1 projector or the button of the remote control. The message “Power off? ” will appear on the screen for approximately 5 seconds. POWER indicator TEMP Press the STANDBY/ON button again POWER LAMP 2 while “Power off? ” the message is STANDBY/ON INPUT MENU visible
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Operating Adjusting The Volume VOLUME Press the VOLUME button. 1 As illustrated on the right, a dialog will VIDEO RGB SEARCH appear on the screen to aid you in adjusting ASPECT AUTO BLANK the volume. V VO OL LUME UME MAGNIFY VOLUME ON MUTE 16 OFF FREEZE KEYSTONE / Use the buttons to adjust the 2 POSITION MENU volume. ENTER Press the VOLUME button again to close the dialog and complete this operation. ESC RESET (Even if you don't do anything, the dialog will automatically disappear after a few se
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Operating (continued) Adjusting The Position Press the POSITION button. 1 As illustrated on the right, a dialog will appear on the screen VIDEO RGB SEARCH to aid you in adjusting the position. ASPECT AUTO BLANK VOLUME MAGNIFY ON MUTE POSITION OFF FREEZE KEYSTONE POSITION POSITION MENU ENTER,,, Use the buttons to adjust ESC RESET 2 the position. When you want to initialize the position, press the RESET button during adjustment. Press the POSITION button again to close the dialog and complete thi
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Operating (continued) Using The Automatic Adjustment Feature AUTO Press the AUTO button. 1 VIDEO RGB SEARCH ASPECT AUTO BLANK Automatic Adjustment for RGB Input MAGNIFY VOLUME ON Horizontal position (H POSITION), vertical position (V POSITION), MUTE clock phase (H PHASE) and horizontal size (H SIZE) are OFF automatically adjusted. FREEZE KEYSTONE Make sure that the application window is set to its maximum size prior to attempting to use this feature. Dark pictures may still be incorrectly adjust
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Operating (continued) Using The Magnify Feature MA MAGNIFY GNIFY Press the MAGNIFY (ON) button. 1 ON The projector enters MAGNIFY mode. VIDEO RGB SEARCH ASPECT AUTO BLANK MAGNIFY VOLUME Press the POSITION button, then use the ON 2 MUTE,,, buttons to select the area OFF to zoom. Press the POSITION button again FREEZE KEYSTONE to finalize the zoom area. POSITION POSITION POSITION MENU ENTER ESC RESET, Use the buttons to adjust the zoom 3 level. Press the MAGNIFY (OFF) button to exit MAGNIFY mode

Szybkie instrukcje Hitachi Lu43v809

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